Table top Kiosks
for Self ordering

Interactive tablets or touchscreen computers that allow customers
to place orders and make payments without
interacting with a salesperson.

Increase Check size! 

Happier customers

Lower wait times

Elimination of human-to-human miscommunication

Improved accounting accuracy and speed

Targeted, intuitive options to diners while they make their orders

Provide a safe and convenient way to place orders and pay for goods and services

Improve the dining experience

Streamline business operations

Provide a convenient contactless experience

Increase average order value

Improve profitability, Increase efficiency

Provide detailed information about products and services

Industries we work on

Fine Dine Restaurants
Food Trucks
Hotels and Resorts
Casual Dining

Table top kiosks

Boost employee productivity
With customers ordering on their own, staff may focus on more critical responsibilities.

Shorten wait times
Wait times are greatly decreased because there is no back-and-forth between the cashier and the customer.

Increase the size of the checks
In order to raise bill size, incorporate add-ons and upsell prompts when customers buy.

Encourage people to sign up for loyalty programmes
Encourage customers to sign up for loyalty/rewards programmes during the checkout process.

A restaurant kiosk system that talks to your guests and your line

Make menu updates on the fly
Add daily specials and menu items that are out of stock, like on your restaurant point of sale.

Send orders to kitchen display screens
Orders are sent directly from the self-ordering kiosk to kitchen display screens on the line.

Drive loyalty sign ups
Encourage loyalty/rewards sign ups during the checkout process.

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Self Service kiosk for QSR

Online Ordering
Kitchen display system

Order Status Display system

Multi language and multi currency support
Branded Mobile App

Order Modes
(Dine In, Take Out, Delivery, Room Service, At Seat)

Payment splitting

Sales tax and VAT calculations and reporting

Reporting and Analytics

Table top kiosk for self ordering


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